Visa® TravelMoney Card

The perfect travel companion - The Visa TravelMoney card is a reloadable debit card that offers convenience, security and flexibility when you travel home or abroad. Use your Visa TravelMoney card to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted and to withdraw local currency at over 900,000 Visa ATMs around the world.

Reload VTM



  • Flexibility - The Visa TravelMoney® card is a PIN-based card that is accepted at Visa® debit locations and at Visa® ATMs worldwide.
  • Total Convenience - Simply pre-load and activate your card. You can then use it to make purchases at retailers, online or to withdraw cash at a Visa® ATM.
  • Easy to Budget - Load as little as $100 USD and as much as $9,999 (Minimum load $100, maximum load $5000 within a 24-hour period, maximum balance $9,999 allowed on the card at any one time). If you run out of funds while traveling, reload your card at any participating AAA office, online, by direct deposit or by check** through Ingo Mobile Money.
  • Direct Deposit Reloads - Reloading your Visa TravelMoney® Card using direct deposit is simple – select a set dollar amount or percentage from your pay or government check and it will automatically be loaded onto your card.
  • One Backup Card and two Companion Cards or three Companion Cards can be purchased at the time of initial purchase. A backup card ensures you will have access to your funds should your card be lost or stolen. Companion Cards are associated with the primary card and can be designated to others to spend funds from the same card account.
  • Peace of Mind - If you lose your card or if it is stolen, your card is PIN protected - no one can access your funds without your PIN.
  • Available with Chip* - Use the Chip Visa Travel Money Card internationally – it’s a preferred method of payment around the globe and provides added security against fraud with stronger protection against identity theft. The chip provides a unique digital seal which proves authenticity and prevents fraudulent payments.

Easy to Buy and Use

  • Cards may be purchased at a AAA District Office.
  • Contact your local AAA office to learn about acceptable forms of payment to purchase a Visa TravelMoney® Card.

Current Cardholders

  • Check your current balance.
  • View your transaction history.
  • Transfer funds.

Manage My Account

* The feature associated with the Chip card may vary from the non-chip card.
**Checks only accepted through Ingo Mobile Money app – please contact your local AAA office to learn about acceptable forms of payment for Travel Money.